Monday, 30 April 2012

Geocaching with QR codes

There just has to be a new angle on geocaching using QR codes. One user has suggested that instead of leaving 'treasure' articles in containers there could be a QR tag from which you are able to access some form of on-line 'treasure'. Maybe we could make a Q-Action page where people can sign in, instead of a physical log book that is subject to vandalism and the elements. The hunt is on.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

QR codes for estate agents

Estate Agents have long been pioneers of QR codes as they enable window cards and house sign boards to be 'captured' by passing 'punters' on their mobile phones. We now have the ability to add an image to Q-Action cards, which makes them suitable in their native form for quick and dirty particulars about a property, along with a kerbside picture.

If something more sophisticated is required then using the 'Goto' card you can store a word or pdf document behind a QR code. This trick involves using a cloud storage such as Google Docs, making a document shared as 'public' and pointing the Goto Card at its URL.

The real beauty of Q-Action is that you could mix both types of particulars and even switch between them as the Action Card URL, and therefore the QR code image, remains the same.

Internal inspection is strongly advised, so if you are an Estate Agent go to and get a free account to try.

Example Action Card

Example nbsp;document