Friday, 3 February 2012

Document updating

A friend who is in public sector property management saw Q-Action the other day and remarked that you could use the codes on documents that change their details over time.

He explained that many legal documents, such as leases, are in many copies in many hands. As there are rent reviews and other minor changes during the life of a lease it is a pain to keep everything up to date and to read the entire document just to get the latest summary information from among the legalese.

He thought that if you put a Q-Action QR code on each one it could point to a page that has the latest information - so everyone has access to it through their copy of the document. You could even change details via your mobile while you are on site so you save yourself the duplicated effort of noting them down and uploading them later.

I'm intrigued, but wonder what the practical and especially legal implications are. Anyone know?

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