Tuesday, 3 January 2012

QR Luggage labels for round the world trip

Luggage labels are useful if (when) your bags go astray. I've several times had them lost by airlines and once wrongly collected from the carousel by someone else. They will usually forward them on to you, but it may involve some complex logistics. There is a joke that the world's most travelled person was beaten into second place by their luggage.

If you are on a long trip you are supposed to affix a label with your next destination address. Here's a modern day wrinkle using Q-Action.

Start a 'Business Card' or 'Blank page' Q-Action type and then make a really tough laminated QR code tag that you can fasten to your bag. It could also have your mobile phone number in plain text and some instructions to scan the code for lost luggage forwarding address.

If you are the super-organised type and know in advance where you are going to stay then you can simply put the list of dates and addresses on a 'blank' page type. If not, or if something unexpected happens to you then as you travel the world you simply update your page with the next forwarding address details: either on-line from your mobile, or from a cyber-cafe.

Have a good trip.

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