Monday, 23 January 2012

Up-to-the-minute rota and event lists

A clever wheeze with Q-Action cards is to use the 'Goto' card to point to a document on the web that you can easily update. This means that you can have sophisticated lists, tables, images, etc. and use Q-Action as the interface to them so that the QR code never changes, even if you change the document or replace it - for example with a new rota.

There are cloud services where you can put documents and make them public - such as Google Docs. You can also delegate and share the task of updating by assigning editing rights to specific individuals.

Here are some examples I baked earlier:

A simple rota (QR code posted on a wall or sent by email)

An event programme that is up-datable (QR code printed on the paper programme or ticket)

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