Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Iron Age QR codes?

At Burrough Hill Iron Age hill fort in Leicestershire we are for the next few weeks providing Q-Point based heritage interpretation during the third season of a major five-year archaeological excavation. We have installed five QR tags in places where previous trenches are now covered up, so that visitors can have the ground re-opened up again for the on their mobile phone. We are testing the principles and analysing the usage, as we believe that there is potential in such sites for the steady stream of day-to-day visitors to get much more out of their visits. There is a big open event this coming Sunday, 1st July where we will have a stand.

The UK is also currently building up to the Festival of Archaeology which runs from 14th - 29th July and features guided tours of the Burrough Hill excavations on the 14th, which is also the last day of these excavations. So budding archaeologists and armchair Time Team fans should install a QR code reader on their phone and hot foot it to Burrough Hill on one of these dates.

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