Thursday, 13 September 2012

5 QR code ideas

1. Garden plant information

Put QR code labels on your plants or other natural products so that people can easily get information on what they are and what to do with them. Q-Action is so cheap (£45 a year buys you 1,000 codes) that any garden centre or hobbyist can afford to have QR codes for each variety.

2. Window shopping (with buying)

When you are closed, or if you have displays away from your premises, you can still be selling if your 'window shoppers' can switch to the web and hit a 'buy now' button.

3. Remotely updatable 'Special Offer' posters and menus

If you have offers that change over time you simply make the printed poster a generic 'Offer of the week' or 'Today's specials' and change the contents of the Q-Action page that the QR code points to. Price lists that change are an ideal application.

4. Electronic instructions for use

A printed QR code on a product can provide a way for anyone with a smart phone to identify it and get up to date information, such as instructions for use, warranty and service information, product recall alerts, and
information on accessories and re-ordering. All this can be updated centrally, keeping you in touch with your customers and even subsequent owners.

5. Everlasting membership and loyalty cards

The user's details can be kept on a Q-Action page that only you can access, while the member's card can be scanned by themselves, or by your staff, to check their renewal date or privileges. Such cards can provide a degree of security as user's can't access the information themselves.

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